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History of Compton High

Compton Union High School opened on September 7, 1896, in two rooms of the Compton City Grammar School building located at Wilmington near Main Street.  The first graduating class consisted of two students in 1898.  In 1903, CUHS moved to its original high school building on the corner of Myrrh and Acacia, and the Masonic Lodge laid the cornerstone for the new high school Administration building.  The original CUHS colors were red and white; the mascot, the Lion;  the school newspaper, The Lion's Roar; and the school annual was named The Red and White until 1917, when the name was changed to Spectrum.

In 1927, the Compton Community College District was established as a component of the Compton Union High School District. In the fall of 1930, the high school adopted the college colors (Maroon and Gray), the mascot (the Tartar), and the high school annual merged with the college annual, Dar-U-Gar.  The Underclassmen’s mascot evolved into Baby Tartars, Tartar Babes, Babes, and the Tarbabes.  In 2000, the mascot was briefly changed to Tartar-Lions; however, Tarbabes has remained the dominant mascot name.  (The Underclassmen athletes were referred to as "Tarbabes" in the 1939 Dar-U-Gar yearbook for the first time.)  




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What does El Companile mean?

Many students have asked, “What does El Companile mean?”  It isn’t a name that the yearbook staff pulled from the clear blue sky; it is a combination of letters with a meaning for each.  We must return to the eighteenth century to understand the background of this name.  Our city was first settled by a family of English descent, known as the Compton family.  Since our national language is English, we took the first four letters of this family’s name as the beginning of our yearbook’s name --- C O M P.  El, or “the” in Spanish, gives recognition to the many Spanish-speaking people who reside in our community.  The remainder of our title --- A N I L E --- was taken from the ancient word Campanile, meaning bell tower.  We Tarbabes are truly proud of the “Chimes” bell tower on our campus.  Therefore, “El Companile” combines the history of our old Compton, the music of the Spanish language and the people who speak it, and our respect and love for our bell tower and chimes.

~From the 1959 El Companile Yearbook


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Demolition of School
New School Groundbreaking
New School Model
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